Global strategic partner
Work together to create a new pattern of AIoT and contribute to a new ecosystem of connectivity
Rich software base, support multiple modules interworking
RINO provides customers with cost-effective and powerful chips and modules that can meet the digital upgrade of iot products
Rich iot top chip applications support a variety of intelligent needs
OSPaas Covering all categories of hardware equipment

Powerful cloud service capabilities help build new businesses and new ecosystems

It supports secure connection and management of hundreds of millions of devices and provides PaaS services for device management throughout the life cycle

Device connection layer

Iot device connectivity platform

Object model
data analysis
Device task
Report and send
rule engine
connection of gateway

Equipment management platform

Device permission
Device registration
Equipment query
Device group
Timing management
OTA authorization management

Intelligent scene service platform

workflow engine
Rule center
data administration
Local scenario

Security management service

privacy protection
data security
content security
Key security
terminal security

Application solution

Industry SaaS

Home space
engineering project
industrial engineering

Operation management background

Scheme design platform
Digital platform
Construction APP
PC end of construction

Mobile APP

home appliances
security and protection
smart speaker
shopping mall
value-added services
private traffic


The whole house intelligence capability expands

user management
household operation
intruder alarm
value-added services

Basic capacity expansion

Edge design
big data service
weather information
location-based service
picture processing
Message subscription

Industry capability expansion

real estate
medical treatment
provide for the aged
industrial engineering


Amazon AWS
Tencent Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Private cloud server
Huawei Cloud
Provides one-click private deployment capabilities
Based on the enterprise's business model, create a complete set of platform intelligence bases for data security, independence and functional differentiation
Through the development and application of various communication protocols and chips, more than 1,000 product categories are realized, which greatly meets the interconnection and scene automation needs between devices
Industry SaaS
Through the SaaS development framework and industry-common micro-application components, you can quickly build SaaS applications that support private deployments, enhance scalability, and avoid repetitive development investments
Through system stratification and modular, low-coupling design, it provides an operation and maintenance management platform in accordance with DevOps standards, and an open source middleware based on its own business attributes, supporting the private deployment of the global mainstream laaS cloud computing platform or customer local servers
Mobile APP
One-click privatization deployment supports zero-code OEM, ODM development, and SDK development backup privatization deployment applications
Third-party ecological platform
Through the loT converged platform, you can quickly access and centrally take over the loT devices that support mainstream cloud vendors, such as AWSloT Core and AzureloT Hub
Hardware open capability
Use the development platform and mature intelligent product solutions to quickly realize intelligent devices developed by cloud modules or SDK, and instantly access private cloud; At the same time, the edge gateway can realize the interconnection between traditional communication protocol devices and third-party platforms
1000+ category product development to meet the application needs of all scenarios
Lighting, electrical, large and small household appliances, sensors, door locks and other thousands of categories of product development, to meet the entire scene application needs of manufacturing enterprises
  • RGB strip

    RGB strip

  • sterilizer


  • Single insertion

    Single insertion

  • Secondary street lamp

    Secondary street lamp

  • fan


  • switch


  • oven


  • air conditioner

    air conditioner

  • air cleaner

    air cleaner

  • air fryer

    air fryer

  • Door and window sensor

    Door and window sensor

  • smart door lock

    smart door lock

  • Gun camera

    Gun camera

  • Spherical camera

    Spherical camera

  • gas stove

    gas stove

  • water heater

    water heater

  • body fat calculator

    body fat calculator

  • microwave oven

    microwave oven

  • temperature and humidity sensor

    temperature and humidity sensor

  • Five street lamps

    Five street lamps

  • washing machine

    washing machine

  • disinfection cabinet

    disinfection cabinet

  • Smart photo frame

    Smart photo frame

  • pressure-cooker


  • smoke transducer

    smoke transducer

  • PTZ Camera

    PTZ Camera

  • smart water meter

    smart water meter

Millisecond global cloud synchronous deployment

At the same time, the online user support capacity exceeds 10 million levels, and the average response time of RINO PaaS is less than 15 milliseconds per time, supporting fast response

Global Synchronous deployment

Provide strong technical support for enterprises to help the rapid development of business

200 Geographical regions

Provide a global cloud service experience integrating computing, data and operations

200+ Global acceleration node

Reduce access latency by distributing service content to accelerated nodes across the network